sugarcane brand identity logo graphic web designBrand Identity

Your Brand Identity is the figurehead of your company. It is not just a logo, it is not just a website and it is not just the marketing literature that you communicate to your clients, suppliers and associates. Firstly your brand should represent your company ethos, principles and tone of voice, then this should be applied consistently right across your entire company from the top down.

Getting what you stand for and how you want to conduct your business is the most important step in creating your brand as this creates the DNA of your company. Once this is set, then the tasks of creating your logo and marketing materials flow from this brand ideology.

Logo Design

The design of your logo is generally the first step to implementing your brand. Your logo needs to reflect your brand principles but also needs to communicate clearly what your business does.

This can be done in a few ways, firstly if the company name is very descriptive of what your company does, then you can tend to get more aspirational or generic with the tagline. Alternatively, if you have a company name that is creative or non-descriptive then the tagline needs to be a lot more direct in explaining the nature of your business.

A logo also needs to stand the test of time as most have a minimum shelf life of 3 years and most logos remain unchanged for a lot longer than that. That is why it is important when creating and designing a logo for it to draw inspiration from your brand ideology. This ensures that it has a true meaning and purpose and not just a fashionable flash in the pan.

Brand Guidelines

Once the logo is designed and agreed, the font usage and colourways for all future marketing materials should be set. This can be added to over time, but a basic brand guidelines document is required to ensure consistent use of the right fonts and colours throughout the company.

Depending on the size of your company a more comprehensive brand guidelines document may need to be produced. This covers how all marketing materials across your company will be used and adhered to by all members of the team.

Marketing Literature

Having gone through the process of establishing your brand, designing your logo and developing your brand guidelines, you will have everything you need to start consistently applying your brand across your marketing materials.

These can include all online activities like website, web strategy, digital marketing and social media strategy, but also offline marketing materials like brochure design, leaflet and poster design, stationery design and exhibition design.

Whatever your creative and marketing needs, it all starts by sitting on the sofa.