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There are a whole range of website security SSL Certificates out there and you need to make sure that YOUR website has the right one.

From the 1st November, in Google’s ongoing objective of cleaning up the internet they are looking closely at and considering whether your website has a relevant SSL Certificate. Early indications are, as is usual with Google, that non compliance with the correct SSL Certificates could lead to a Google drop in rankings.

This is something that Sugarcane will keep an eye on over the months and keep you updated of any changes and updates that may affect your websites performance as a result of the new policies.

A quick check on whether your website has a SSL Certificate or not is to have a look in your browser where your website URL appears. If it starts with ‘https://’ then it has a certificate already, if it is ‘http://’ (in other words minus the ‘s’) then you don’t have a certificate.

There is more information provided here about SSL Certificates that you can read.

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