3 Quick ways to Improve your Blogging Strategy

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3 Quick ways to Improve your Blogging Strategy

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Communication is everything… isn’t it?

Well it is if you are wanting to formulate an effective blogging strategy for your business. Many individuals and businesses often lose sight of the purpose of blogging. A blog is, pure and simple a communication tool, not a direct selling tool.

OK, without a doubt you can use your blog to promote a product or service, directly or indirectly. But a common mistake is too push the sale too much within your blogs. Primarily a good blogging strategy should be adding customer value, establishing your expertise and showing your personal character through your brand.

Here at Sugarcane, we thought we’d compile some tips and techniques around building an effective blogging strategy to share with you. Hopefully these will provide some food for thought and prove useful.

Make a publishing schedule

The majority of individuals and businesses start their blogging strategy with gusto. This usually lasts for a few weeks and then the content and posts dry up, as other business activities get pushed to the front of your schedule.

If you don’t produce regular content you are giving your audience no reason to come back to your site with any regularity. You will be missing opportunities for potential clients to engage with you. Remember, the blog is a communication tool to sign post people to your website and ultimately make a sale or gain a new relationship.

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Make a publishing schedule that you know you can keep and stick to it. Factors such as time, if you are a sole trader, or resource in your business, if you have employees, should be considered when formulating your schedule. Whether it, daily, weekly or bi weekly… make sure you stick with it!

Add customer value

Make sure your blog is not all about you or your companies services. Your website can do that job for you. The blog is a means to get them to your website by communicating your message in the right way.

The most effective way of doing this is to write a blog that is full of customer value. Almost a no strings attached give away of your expertise, that customers will gain value from and find helpful.

Work your Blogging Strategy

It’s very important once you are settled into your publishing schedule that you promote all your blogs through all your social media channels. But don’t be lazy and just share them, it always helps to write a pre-cursory headline or intro for your blog when submitting to avenues such as Facebook.

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This is a proven technique that ensures more people will click and read the blog on social media outlets. This is because there is explanatory content that draws the reader in with a brief explanation, rather than just relying on a straight click through to the blog article.

I’ve digressed a little into social media marketing on this final point. That’s because all digital marketing is interlinked and needs to be used consistently. We’ve published many blogs on all aspects of digital marketing that can add value to your business. These can be found on our website.

We hope you find these 3 tips to improve your blogging strategy of value and useful to your business.


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