Now You Can Have Animated Videos Without the Heavy Cost

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Now You Can Have Animated Videos Without the Heavy Cost

Now You Can Have Animated Videos Without the Heavy Cost

There are great benefits in committing to Animated Videos for your website. In the modern technological era where most things are available for immediate consumption, the most effective way for people to absorb information is visually.

Research shows that 80% of video material is opened and viewed by online users. It has by far the biggest open rate of any other form of Digital Marketing. This effectiveness increases if the video is animated. NLP studies show as well, that the higher percentage of people are visual learners and communicators. This gives video a big advantage when hitting your target market.

Sugarcane have produced a new product that can help promote your business online. Our online animated videos take advantage of the way people currently access online information. They deliver a visual, effective and clear message for your business and can be used for all businesses and all sectors. Here is an example of a video produced for one of our current customers.

The Benefits are:

[1] An animated video cuts out the need for gathering willing participants (who are mainly reluctant). It cuts out any awkward scripting or speaking roles for the people taking part. This saves a lot of time.

[2] No need for location. An animated video doesn’t require any location hunting, lighting set up or associated costs. Once again it saves loads of time and costs.

[3] There is far greater flexibility with animated videos then there is with traditional videos. Most scenarios can be story boarded, making them ideal to promote any area of any business.

[4] The cost. Because of the above benefits the price for one of our animated videos is very competitive.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about one of our videos.

“We commissioned Sugarcane to produce an explainer video for our business. We wanted something that encompassed what we do in a quirky but professional way and have to say, we are delighted with the result. The introductory price was an added bonus too as I would expect to have to pay more for something like this which ultimately leads to more business for us.” Rob Burns – Anglo World Cargo.

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