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Supporting our clients with branding their company from concept to completion. Whether it’s naming a new or existing company to implementing the brand through logo design, marketing literature and digital marketing, I always aim to get the right solution for our clients.
26 06, 2018

Have You Got Company Brand Recognition?

Have You Got Company Brand Recognition? Does your brand represent what you do and how you do it? Does it represent your core values, ethos and principles? More importantly, does it raise your profile, create client consciousness and get people talking about you? Wouldn't it be a bit easier if it did? Have you got

23 06, 2018

Content Writing for your Website… Do you have the time?

Content Writing for your Website... Do you have the time? I haven't got the time to update my website... but I know it's important. Is this a dilemma that you find yourself in when considering website updates? If it is, you won't be alone. A lot of companies and individuals set out with the best

16 06, 2018

Now You Can Have Animated Videos Without the Heavy Cost

Now You Can Have Animated Videos Without the Heavy Cost There are great benefits in committing to Animated Videos for your website. In the modern technological era where most things are available for immediate consumption, the most effective way for people to absorb information is visually. Research shows that 80% of video material is opened

28 09, 2017

Cold Leads are the New Blood of Your Business

Does the thought of converting cold leads fill you with dread? What are Cold Leads? Essentially, Cold Leads or Cold Traffic is persuading people or companies who you've never met, to buy your service or product. It tends to be the hardest work to win, it tends to be the most daunting of tasks for

26 01, 2017

Yes, we still do Graphic Design

Tuesday was the last straw... We've just had another one of our customers who has informed us that they didn't know we did Graphic Design. 'I wish I'd known, I've just placed an order with another design company' came the crushing retort. But, it wasn't their fault, it was ours. Somewhere along the line we've

19 01, 2017

Affordable websites for a set monthly fee

Where's the catch? Some people have said. Too good to be true... Others have mentioned. There's no catch and it is true. Our affordable websites for a set monthly fee are full of value and benefit for our customers. So why did we do it... Before making the decision to trial a subscription website package,

11 01, 2017

Sugarcane’s Nine Dart Challenge

We said we'd do it, didn't we! In light of getting back to what our brand's all about, throughout 2017 we are running the Nine Dart Challenge. As well as having the Sugarcane lounge in our offices, we also have a little kick back area. Table tennis, pool and darts are all keenly contested, especially

11 01, 2017

Creating Relationships… Building Businesses

Aren't you the Design Agency that used to do cool things with your sofa? We got asked this the other day during a general marketing chat whilst making a cup of tea in the kitchen at our offices. The timing of the comment reinforced what we'd been discussing in the office since the New Year.

27 09, 2016

Google Ranking… Why am I not being found?

I'm not being found in Google... how do I improve my Google ranking? So... your Google ranking isn't great (other search engines are available). You know how valuable ranking high in Google can be. You know that it's the holy grail, when it comes to online lead generation. Especially when you consider that once you are

21 09, 2016

Website Updates… Can you afford NOT to do it?

I haven't got the time to update my website... but I know it's important. Is this a dilemma that you find yourself in when considering website updates? If it is, you won't be alone. A lot of companies and individuals set out with the best intentions when it comes to website updates. But in reality,

6 07, 2016

How to convert customers through Blogging

Want to convert customers? Use your blog Running relevant and beneficial content through your blog to convert customers is a technique that is overlooked and underused. However, many companies don't fully understand the process required. They need to take advantage of this highly effective customer conversion activity. We have written numerous articles over the last

14 06, 2016

Why We Use WordPress to increase Website Sales Revenue

Why we use Wordpress to increase Website Sales Revenue through our Website Do you want to increase your website sales revenue through your website? The platform that you choose to build your website on is key to making this happen. Sugarcane have now been trading over 11 years. We have seen first hand how marketing

8 06, 2016

What is Brand Design?

Brand Design. What is it? This is a question that a lot of companies either don't ask themselves or don't know the answer to. People may think the answer is, 'My logo is my brand'. Other people may push the boundaries further by thinking their brand is a consistent use of their logo across all

2 06, 2016

5 step SEO Guide for your Website

Here's a 5 step SEO Guide for your Wordpress website. This SEO Guide for your Wordpress website is specifically looking at optimising your individual pages. There are many aspects and considerations to thinks about when fully SEO'ing your website. So this guide will focus on the 'quick win' of fully optimising each page on your

30 05, 2016

Improve your Brand Recognition in Weeks?

Could you improve your Brand Recognition in a matter of weeks? We think you can... but how? Potential customers and existing clients need to see your brand in a variety of different arena's. The corporate world is widely accepted as the place to promote your company's brand and to promote brand recognition. But what about

25 05, 2016

Understanding the Digital Lead Generation system

How to understand your Digital Lead Generation system Firstly, why do we need a Digital Lead Generation system? Simply put, you need to understand how the digital lead generation system works. So you can generate sales through your website and digital marketing activity. You need to understand what has changed with traffic platforms. What has

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