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Supporting our clients with branding their company from concept to completion. Whether it’s naming a new or existing company to implementing the brand through logo design, marketing literature and digital marketing, I always aim to get the right solution for our clients.
23 05, 2016

How to use your blogging strategy to generate more leads

See how you can use your blogging strategy to generate more leads for your business. So what is a blogging strategy? A short while ago we ran a survey around the success of companies who actively use their blogs to generate more leads. The answer was surprising. Only 10% of the people who took the

27 04, 2016

How Understanding Colour can help your Marketing

The Emotion of Colour Understanding how individuals react to colour can give you a real advantage when it comes to marketing your company. Colour is seemingly a very subjective and personally emotive subject. It is part of our everyday lives and affects every aspect of our lives on a daily basis, personally and professionally. What

27 04, 2016

Is your brand Open all Hours?

Does your brand represent what you do and how you do it? Does it represent your core values, ethos and principles? More importantly, does it raise your profile, create client consciousness and get people talking about you? Wouldn't it be a bit easier if it did? As Sugarcane closes in on it's 10 year anniversary,

29 03, 2016

How to turn your Warm Traffic into Hot Traffic

Hot Traffic - The Exciting Stuff We have talked over the last 3 weeks about working through the different stages of your marketing funnel. From warming up Cold Traffic, to building trust with Warm Traffic. To eventually acquiring Hot Traffic that will convert to paying customers. At this stage of the digital marketing journey, you

25 03, 2016

How to Generate Leads from Warm Traffic

Warm Traffic is all about acquisition. The acquisition of interest, the acquisition of a lead, but most importantly paving the way for acquiring a customer. We talked last time about how Cold Traffic is the new blood of any business. We discussed how the end goal of Cold Traffic was to generate interest. To apply

22 03, 2016

Cold Traffic is the New Blood of your Business

Does the thought of Cold Traffic fill you with dread? What is Cold Traffic? Essentially, Cold Traffic is persuading people or companies who you've never met, to buy your service or product. It tends to be the hardest work to win, it tends to be the most daunting of tasks for anyone marketing their business.

28 10, 2015

[Case Study] Sugarcane develop Website for Neuroblastoma UK

Sugarcane are very proud to have designed and developed the website for Neuroblastoma UK. The Neuroblastoma UK website is dedicated to creating awareness for this particular disease. As well as creating awareness, the website also provides information and support for families affected by the disease. But most importantly the website is a portal for raising

13 10, 2015

5 Mistakes that New Businesses make with their Website

Starting your own business is both exciting and daunting in equal measure. There are so many things to think about that it's easy to prioritise the wrong things. Take your website for instance... this should be a priority... right? In this digital dependent age, shouldn't it be a priority to focus on your website as

5 10, 2015

What Everybody should know about Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? You would think that the answer is in the title, (which it is), but there is so much to consider. Digital Marketing covers off a whole range of activities across the marketing spectrum, so what do you focus on? Whether it's Content marketing, Email marketing or Social media marketing, you will

24 09, 2015

[Case Study] New Website Design for Doncaster Solicitors

New Website Design for Doncaster Solicitors Kenyon Son & Craddock Solicitors chose Sugarcane to support them with their website design and development. The company had never had a website when they approached Sugarcane with a remit of supporting them with their marketing activity. It was decided that Sugarcane look at the overall brand of Kenyon

26 08, 2015

[Case Study] Robinson and Birdsell

Robinson and Birdsell Ltd is a demolition and dismantling company based in West Yorkshire. The company was established in 1840, so has extensive experience in delivering projects in the Energy & Utilities, Heavy Industrial, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Urban and Residential sectors. Being one of the UK's largest demolition and dismantling companies, Robinson and Birdsell Ltd offer

18 08, 2015

3 Quick ways to Improve your Blogging Strategy

Communication is everything... isn't it? Well it is if you are wanting to formulate an effective blogging strategy for your business. Many individuals and businesses often lose sight of the purpose of blogging. A blog is, pure and simple a communication tool, not a direct selling tool. OK, without a doubt you can use your

23 07, 2015

Five ways to build a brand identity for your small business

Five ways to build a brand identity for your small business Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. Many small business owners already understand that to build a brand identity for their business is an essential component in business without really knowing why. Small companies recognise the link

7 07, 2015

[Case Study] Turbine Efficiency

Turbine Efficiency are based in Doncaster and Lincolnshire and have an extensive client base in the UK, Europe, North and South America and Asia. Turbine Efficiency provide Gas Turbine and Power Management Engineering solutions including; power introduction, relocation, maintenance and life extension techniques.  They support the entire life cycle of the turbine and its associated

2 07, 2015

Discover the Fruit Tree Secret!

The Fruit Tree – 5 years on. It’s hard to believe that almost 5 years ago a bunch of Doncaster business owners sat down to listen to a presentation on how the Fruit Tree will help them in their quest for business success.  Today the group is still going strong with several members now entering their fifth year

30 06, 2015

Why We Invest in Content Marketing [And Maybe You Should Too]

Here is the proof of why we have invested our time in Content Marketing. In just a couple of weeks of putting what we have learned into practice, our website traffic has seen a significant improvement across the board. The exciting news about this is that we have only just started implementing all the tips,

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