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Supporting our clients with branding their company from concept to completion. Whether it’s naming a new or existing company to implementing the brand through logo design, marketing literature and digital marketing, I always aim to get the right solution for our clients.
29 06, 2015

Poor SEO may be causing you to lose out on increased Traffic to your Website

Is your house in order when it comes to maximising the SEO potential of your Wordpress website? Like a house, if the foundations you have set up are set up wrong, the effectiveness of building on those poor foundations will greatly diminish the results you ultimately get. In Wordpress, there are various stages that need

25 06, 2015

What everyone should know about SSL Certificates

There are a whole range of website security SSL Certificates out there and you need to make sure that YOUR website has the right one. From the 1st November, in Google's ongoing objective of cleaning up the internet they are looking closely at and considering whether your website has a relevant SSL Certificate. Early indications

16 06, 2015

Professional Website Design for Professional Footballers

When professional footballers Bobby Zamora and Andy Johnson were looking for a Website design and development company to build them a website for their training academy business, they approached Sugarcane. Prodays travel is the company name and it is all about parents and kids enjoying an unforgettable premier coaching experience with current and ex professional

5 06, 2015

Big Gains to be made in Content Marketing

Sugarcane have just recently become certified specialists in Content Marketing. The course is just one part of the Digital Marketing jigsaw that Sugarcane have committed to over the next few months. We are looking at developing a Digital Marketing strategy that not only benefits Sugarcane but can be passed on to our clients as well.

2 04, 2015

Logo Design – Things to Consider

4 things to consider with Logo Design The team at Sugarcane have over 20 years experience in logo design. We have designed lots of logos over the years for a wide variety of clients large and small and have found through experience, certain guidelines to bear in mind and possibly avoid throughout the creative process.

20 03, 2015

Does Your Website Strategy Increase Your Revenue?

Your Website... The Ultimate Selling Tool A good website and website strategy, both in how it looks and how it functions can be an integral part of generating revenue for your business. Making the right choices in terms of ‘knowing your business’ and how your website is designed and built to maximise that knowledge is

24 02, 2015

James Coppinger testimonial site is launched

James Coppinger Website goes live Sugarcane are pleased to announce that the James Coppinger testimonial year website is now live. James has played for Doncaster Rovers now for over 10 years and the website is full of footage, information and special events throughout the year that all fans and local businesses can support and get

30 01, 2015

A sporting start to 2015 for Sugarcane

Sugarcane have been commissioned to design and develop some really exciting sporting websites for early 2015. Lifelong Doncaster Rovers fan and season ticket holder Paul Winterman, who co-owns Sugarcane is delighted to be working on the website for Doncaster Rovers legend James Coppinger in his testimonial year. The website is close to being ready and

11 01, 2015

Sugarcane Develops New Key Fund Website

Sugarcane Develops New Key Fund Website Sugarcane and Key Fund strengthen their creative relationship. With the design and development of the new Key Fund website and the design and development of a new App. Sugarcane aim to streamline key Fund's working processes. As a long standing client of Sugarcane for over eight years. Key Fund

10 01, 2015

Sugarcane enjoys a long term Creative Relationship with Montracon

Sugarcane have forged a strong creative relationship with a major road trailer company. Montracon were looking for a creative relationship with a local firm that could respond to quick turnaround deadlines. They have a fast paced marketing department. The need was to create a range of marketing materials that they could use to promote their

27 10, 2014

Sugarcane provides marketing support for revolutionary new idea

Sugarcane have recently supported local firm Condacovo in launching an entirely unique product to audiences at trade shows across the country. The tilt wrench is absolutely unique, it's patented tilting mechanism allows you to get round obstacles without fitting a coupling. Sugarcane have supported Condacovo in designing a new brand identity and logo, a website

7 10, 2014

Turbine forges efficient relationship with Sugarcane

Sugarcane are pleased to be working with local engineering aftercare company, Turbine Efficiency. With premises in Doncaster and Lincolnshire the company repairs, services, maintains turbines all over the UK and in many countries across the world. Sugarcane have been commissioned by Turbine Efficiency to design Marketing Literature and to design and develop a new website

4 07, 2014

Sugarcane’s tour hopefuls duel it out as the Sofa goes on tour

Sugarcane decided to lower their sights a bit when it came to taking part in the Grand Depart festivities. The original plan of riding the York to Sheffield stage of the tour in it's entirety were quickly downgraded when it became apparent that 'certain peoples' fitness regimes' weren't cutting the mustard. A time trial of

11 03, 2014

Sugarcane gets creative in Texas

Sugarcane reinforces it's strong links with the music industry in the Sheffield City Region and beyond, with the design and illustration of the brand for this years South by South West music conference in Texas, USA. Representing the creative talent within music and film from the Sheffield City Region through the years, Sugarcane were commissioned

15 11, 2013

Sugarcane’s finest skin beater in action!

Sugarcane's creative stalwart Martin Abonyi, will be swapping drawing sticks for drum sticks on Saturday 23rd November as Sugarcane's resident band, 'The Penny Lovers' will be supporting The Moulettes on their nationwide tour, when it drops into Doncaster's 'Leopard' next Saturday night. Taking a break from the day job of logo and web design, Sugarcane's

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