Improve your Brand Recognition in Weeks?

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Improve your Brand Recognition in Weeks?

Could you improve your Brand Recognition in a matter of weeks?

We think you can… but how?

Potential customers and existing clients need to see your brand in a variety of different arena’s. The corporate world is widely accepted as the place to promote your company’s brand and to promote brand recognition.

But what about somewhere unexpected?

Imagine a client driving along the road with their family at the weekend, passing a group of cyclists on the road and suddenly blurting out, ‘We work with them, I recognise that logo’. What you’ve created is something memorable in your clients mind. A talking point that transcends the office environment. A story that will be passed on by their colleagues.

This is a powerful message for your brand and ensures it keeps in the forefront of your clients thinking. Sugarcane have their own cycle racing team called Sugarcane Velo Club and the above scenario has happened to us on numerous occasions, where clients have seen us out on the road.

It also creates discussion with fellow cyclists and sponsorship opportunities which can all lead to new business, as well as promoting health and well being. There are a number of other organisations that have warmed up this idea. They are matching brand recognition with a popular pastime or participation activity.

Specific networking opportunities have arisen that combine the benefits of networking, with a bike ride. One such event is the ProAktive Pedallers. Based in Sheffield and Doncaster, ProAktive is an Insurance Brokers, Risk Managers and Financial Services company that sees the value that this type of brand recognition can bring.

It can be a very quick way of giving your brand recognition a boost in the short term. But it also serves your brand in the medium and long term as well. Especially if you commit to a regular event, like ProAktive, or a sponsored club like Sugarcane Velo Club.

What could you do with your company’s brand that gets people talking outside the office environment? A cycle racing team is one idea. There are many others too. So, if you see the Sugarcane team out on the road at the weekend, give us a friendly wave!

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