Creating Relationships… Building Businesses

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Creating Relationships… Building Businesses

Aren’t you the Design Agency that used to do cool things with your sofa?

We got asked this the other day during a general marketing chat whilst making a cup of tea in the kitchen at our offices. The timing of the comment reinforced what we’d been discussing in the office since the New Year.

Why don’t we have fun with our brand anymore?

We spent a lot of years building up our reputation as the company that did a lot of creative stuff with our sofa. Football stadiums, Motor racing tracks, Racecourses, Golf courses, Ice skating rinks. They all had the Sugarcane sofa treatment. We dedicated quite a bit of time to taking videos and photos of our sofa in various locations. This for us, was all about brand reinforcement and creating relationships.

Building Businesses 2

So, what did we decide to do?

An exercise that all businesses should do periodically. We reviewed our business. The elements that work, the elements that don’t. The principles that run through our business and influence how we work. We looked at our offer and got down to the very essence of what our value is, and looked at what our point of difference is.

Then after all that, we changed our tag line to reflect this. Nothing major, you may think, but the thinking process behind this gave us a lot of clarity.

So… here goes.

Creating Relationships. Building Businesses.

Creating Relationships is the part of our business that has historically been with us since we started 12 years ago. It’s why we created our Sugarcane lounge, it’s why we had our sofa. Simply put, the sofa is an icon for coming to see us and chat about your marketing requirements. We like our customers to feel comfortable working with us. We like to form long term professional relationships.

Building Businesses has been added to our logo’s tag line as a reflection of how we have developed as a business over the last 3 or 4 years. We have changed our emphasis on just designing and developing creative responsive websites. The change of emphasis is based around the ongoing marketing support that we provide for our customers.

We have website packages that include all the digital marketing extras that your company needs to grow your digital presence. Things like regular content, on page SEO and pro-active marketing campaigns that run from your website. You are far more visible to your target market if you are ranking well and putting out regular relevant content.

So, we’ve adjusted our logo to reflect our current working practices and principles. As well as providing services to help build your business, expect to see the sofa out and about more this year.

And there’s more…

As well as providing website design and development, we also provide Brand Identity, Logo design, Brochure Design, Stationery Design and Digital Marketing.

If you feel you can benefit from any of our services, please feel free to give us a call on 01302 515416 or email


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Supporting our clients with branding their company from concept to completion. Whether it’s naming a new or existing company to implementing the brand through logo design, marketing literature and digital marketing, I always aim to get the right solution for our clients.