[Case Study] Robinson and Birdsell

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[Case Study] Robinson and Birdsell

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Robinson and Birdsell Ltd is a demolition and dismantling company based in West Yorkshire. The company was established in 1840, so has extensive experience in delivering projects in the Energy & Utilities, Heavy Industrial, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Urban and Residential sectors.

Being one of the UK’s largest demolition and dismantling companies, Robinson and Birdsell Ltd offer a complete in-house service. These services include, demolition, dismantling, explosives engineering, materials recycling and land remediation.

Robinson and Birdsell Ltd got in touch with Sugarcane via a google search, which highlights the importance of getting your SEO strategy right. It’s extremely rare that any search engine user will go onto the second page of Google. Most rarely go below the first 5 companies on the first page.

The website was the main concern for Robinson and Birdsell Ltd. Because a lot of the companies work was acquired historically by recommendation, the website was outdated and not set up for winning work digitally. The company recognised the need to make sure their new website was designed and developed with an express purpose of increasing traffic, raising awareness and winning new contracts.

Robinson and Birdsell 1

Sugarcane worked closely with Rachel at Robinson and Birdsell Ltd to establish what the important areas of focus were. The fact that they have a complete in-house service is a good point to highlight as well as the vast experience and history that the company has.

We also highlighted the fact that the demolition business is a very visual business. This was something that we could take advantage of through a good social media strategy. Let’s face it, there is a distinct human fascination with watching a building being demolished. Plus it highlights the services very dramatically and effectively.

Robinson and Birdsell 2

Sugarcane supported Robinson and Birdsell Ltd with getting the most benefit out of their SEO tools as well, both technically and organically. Although a longer term strategy, the results have been positive already and Robinson and Birdsell have started to rise through the rankings.


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