Cold Leads are the New Blood of Your Business

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Cold Leads are the New Blood of Your Business

Does the thought of converting cold leads fill you with dread?

What are Cold Leads?

Essentially, Cold Leads or Cold Traffic is persuading people or companies who you’ve never met, to buy your service or product. It tends to be the hardest work to win, it tends to be the most daunting of tasks for anyone marketing their business.

Yes, existing customers and warm leads are far easy to communicate to and far easier to convert. This is because for existing customers, you have already done business them. They know you personally, they know how your company works, they know your product and service. They trust you!

Not so, with Cold Leads

But without converting cold leads, there are no new existing customers, no new blood, no loyal customers. With no cold leads your customer base will stagnate and eventually diminish.

However, the traditional techniques of converting cold leads would be enough to get people running for the hills. Or at least enough to put in an emergency dental appointment. Marketing activity like mailouts to acquired databases or the much dreaded cold calling form a lot of the more traditional techniques.

Don’t get me wrong, these techniques can have an effect on the bottom line, all be it a very small one. But they work on the premise of potential customers making a decision based on one communication, be it a call or a leaflet. They don’t know you, they don’t know your company, why would they say yes.

Give them a reason to say Yes

The most effective way of getting a ‘yes’ from a cold lead is to relax, chill out and take your time. If your main objective at this stage is NOT to get a ‘yes’ from them, but simply to get an acknowledgment, a sign of interest, then it’s essentially job done for this stage.

I mention stages because there should be 3 stages to acquiring a new customer. Cold leads is just the first stage, with it’s own specific objective. Next comes warm traffic, then hot leads. But we’ll leave the next 2 stages for now. We’ll focus on warm traffic and hot leads next week.

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The First goal is Interest

What you are looking for as the end result of your Cold Lead activity is to monitor interest. Interest in a specific subject is what you are looking for. This means that you can segment this person ‘by interest’ into a list for further communication. A secondary goal here, (and if you are serious about new customer acquisition, this should be a must), is to pixel the potential customer who has shown interest.

What is Pixelling?

Using Facebook as an example of where potential customers will read your content, A PIXEL is a piece of code that Facebook gives you to be placed on every page of your website. This then enables Facebook to know when someone has visited your website and adds them to a list in your Facebook Audiences section.

How is this useful? How do you know who has visited specific pages relating to your many offerings?

Simple! Once you have the pixel code in place, you can create as many custom audiences as you like and stipulate that each audience is made up of people who have visited certain pages.

For example, we have published 2 posts on Content Marketing recently. We have created a custom audience to tell us who has visited those 2 pages and we now have an ultra specific custom audience of “leads”, not “likes” who we know are interested in Content Marketing. We can use this information to try to turn this list into fully fledged customers.

Pixelling can be used for Linkedin and Twitter as well as on your website. It enables you to create a list of potential customers who you know are interested in a particular subject or area of your business. You can then communicate regularly to your list, knowing they are already interested.

It essentially turns a cold lead into a warm lead, Cold Traffic into Warm Traffic. You are now ready for the next stage. Warm Traffic. But, before we go into Warm Traffic, let’s look at some of the techniques that you can use for Cold leads.

Cold Lead Tools

What type of content do you need to put out to generate genuine interest from your Cold Leads?

Initially it can be any kind of content that solves issues for potential customers or gives out content that is valuable and usable.

These can be things like: Guides, How to lists, Statistics that highlight and solve a problem, Blog posts, Video content, Podcasts, Quizzes, Surveys.

As long as your content is valuable, useful or highlighting and solving a problem, the vehicle for getting it out there can be any of the above.

Next week, we’ll look at how all this activity leads into the next stage. Warm Traffic.

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