How to convert customers through Blogging

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How to convert customers through Blogging

Want to convert customers? Use your blog

Running relevant and beneficial content through your blog to convert customers is a technique that is overlooked and underused. However, many companies don’t fully understand the process required. They need to take advantage of this highly effective customer conversion activity.

We have written numerous articles over the last few months.  A lot of these have been offering advice and tips on how to convert customers through your blog. We are very pleased that the quality of our advice and the value we offer to our customers has been recognised.

Our blogs on how to convert customers have been recognised as some of the best in Yorkshire. Everyday People have featured Sugarcane’s customer acquisition blogs in their ’16 Marketing Blogs from Yorkshire’ feature on their website.

Convert customers 2Using your blog to gain customers is only a small but essential part of the process. The content provided by the blog is used to support the main sales objective of your campaign. This sales objective needs to be identified first and thoroughly planned out. The blog will support this process every step of the way.

We have talked a lot about the sales funnel and campaign structure in a lot of our blogs. A recent blog entitled, ‘Understanding the Digital lead generation system’ gives more detail in how to structure your sales campaigns. But, underpinning all this, is your content, your blog. This is the glue, the cement, that keeps relevant valuable content under the noses of your interested audience.

We’ve also written blogs that help with planning your blogging strategy. A popular article that has been shared over 50 times on social media is, ‘How to use your blogging strategy to generate more leads’. This looks at 5 key points that you’ll need to know to get started.

If you invest time in your digital marketing activity. You will recognise the value of using your blog as a sales tool. Either in it’s own right, or in conjunction with email marketing campaigns. Only this week we have picked up 2 strong leads as a direct result of the quality of content on our blog.

We recognise as well that a lot of individuals and companies can see the value. But, may not be fully confident or have a complete understanding of how it all works. We are always on hand to have a chat over a coffee with you. We can show you the huge sales potential of blogging and with running digital marketing campaigns from your website.

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