Understanding the Digital Lead Generation system

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Understanding the Digital Lead Generation system

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How to understand your Digital Lead Generation system

Firstly, why do we need a Digital Lead Generation system?

Simply put, you need to understand how the digital lead generation system works. So you can generate sales through your website and digital marketing activity. You need to understand what has changed with traffic platforms. What has changed with online buying. What has changed with user attitude to buying online.

Traffic Platforms

Taking Google as an example. A lot has changed over the years. Mainly with how Google wants businesses or marketeers to interact with their end users. They want to be keep their end users as long as possible on their platform. The best way to do this is to deliver high quality content that keeps them on there.

As businesses and marketeers we are responsible for putting a lot of that content out there. Therefore Google needs to make sure that what we put out is of relevance. It needs to have relevance to the search criteria that the end users are typing in. It has to add value and be of high quality. If not, the end user shuts off and goes elsewhere. This is not good for Google.

Online Buying is Changing – The End Users Attitude to Buying is Changing

Online customers are wising up. They are fully aware that they are being sold to. They are fully aware that there is a vast amount of choice. They will also be aware of what is relevant and what is genuine. They will not make a snap decision on what services or products to buy without credibility and trust.

You have to build up that credibility, that value, that trust. The latest research suggests that on average, an end user will have to be ‘touched’ 7 times before buying. By this we mean they will have had to have consumed at least 7 pieces of your content before buying.

This is what we mean by needing to understand the Digital Lead Generation System.

We can use our own website as an example of how you the digital lead generation system works. We will focus on the first stage in this article. This will be using the tools you have on your website to drive cold traffic to a valuable piece of content. Remember we need to create benefit driven valuable content. So that it will please the traffic platforms, as well as warming up our potential customers to our wider offer.

The Beneficial and relevant offer

This is our cold traffic offer. A 5 step guide to acquiring and keeping customers. This is a lengthy giveaway full of tips and techniques. It is aimed at potential customers and existing customers that we may want to re-engage with. We are not offering a service or product, we are offering value, relevance and benefit. We quite like the monkeys as well…

digital lead generation 3

Lead Magnet advert on your website

In this first step of digital lead generation, the 5 step document is where everything else points to. For this campaign we need to create a lead magnet advert on our home page.

digital lead generation 1

This is what our ‘lead magnet’ advert looks like on our website. It appears on the right hand side of every page of the website. It also appears on our home page as well as in all our blogs. When you click this advert on our website it will take you to the landing page.

digital lead generation 4

The Landing Page

The Landing page needs to be set up as a separate page on your website. This is important as it ensures that you can effectively, monitor, measure and segment the data you get back. When you click the download button you go to a Thank You page where you get you PDF document. The Thank you page is also an opportunity to introduce other products or services to your customer base.

Core Concept Blog Post

At this stage we would also use a ‘Core Concept Blog Post’. This is a lengthy blog post of around 2,000 to 3,000 words. The point of this post is to act as a hub for other smaller blog posts and social media adverts to link to it. We’d generally run a campaign for quite a few months, so this core concept post plays an important role as the main content hub.

digital lead generation 2

All this activity is just the first step of the digital lead generation system. Once this is set up, the second stage is to pro-actively drive content and traffic to your lead magnet offer. This will be done by creating more content to support the core concept post. But also, you can run adverts from social media to your blogs and inevitably to the sign up landing page.

But this stage 2 activity will be for another article…

You can see just from this brief snapshot that it’s important to understand the digital lead generation system. We have just scratched the surface though. Even if you invest in the first stage of this process the benefits you can expect are:

Allowing cold visitors to get to know you

Establishes YOU as an authority

You are building assets and building your list.

The opportunity to segment and create customer audiences

I always say this, but we love talking about this stuff. We do get excited about the potential that digital marketing has, to help your company grow. If you are interested in growing your company, get in touch.

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