Discover the paid traffic secret that turns likes into leads

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Discover the paid traffic secret that turns likes into leads

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We all know about generating paid traffic to your website through PPC (pay per click) campaigns. They’ve been used in Google for years, Facebook joined the party and now further social media platforms have shown up. Choose some keywords, set your budget and hope those people that do click on the ads are serious and go on to take the action you desire. Thats one way and the route we see the most.

Times have changed though and through clever use of the cold, warm and hot traffic system we have been using, you can greatly reduce the cost per click, the engagement that results from each ad and ultimately revenues through the business.

Here at Sugarcane, we feel that the best route to warming leads up is through Facebook advertising and a little known 6 letter word that changed the way we market… this little word… PIXELS.

paid traffic proof

Ever wondered why you seem to get ads on Facebook that are actually spot on to what you are interested in? PIXELS.

We’ll come back to that later. That’s the boring technical bit. So…

Lets break this down into stages.

You wouldn’t meet someone in the street and ask for money and expect a favourable outcome would you? Facebook is no different. That is known as a cold lead. You have to warm them up. We’re going to touch on that first step in this post. There are more steps that turn warm leads into customers and customers into raving fans, which we’ll explain how to do in future articles.

So, how do you find these cold leads? This is where the traditional method of Facebook advertising comes in. You create the piece of content (not an advert, this is vital). Don’t sell, add value! Set the demographic you expect to be interested, set the budget and post the ad (content). Now for that PIXEL.

paid traffic ad reach

A PIXEL is a piece of code that Facebook gives you to be placed on every page of your website. This then enables Facebook to know when someone has visited your website and adds them to a list in your Facebook Audiences section.

How is this useful? How do you know who has visited specific pages relating to your many offerings?

Simple! Once you have the pixel code in place, you can create as many custom audiences as you like and stipulate that each audience is made up of people who have visited certain pages.

For example, we have published 2 posts on Content Marketing recently. We have created a custom audience to tell us who has visited those 2 pages and we now have an ultra specific custom audience of “leads”, not “likes” who we know are interested in Content Marketing. We can use this information to try to turn this list into fully fledged customers.

PIXELS are the key to this happening so the next step is to install them.

Warning, for those not of a technical persuation, look away now…




Err, only joking, this is really, really easy. From your Facebook login >>

paid traffic stage 1 ca

From here choose audiences >> Create a Custom Audience >>  Website Traffic


paid traffic step 2 ca

From there tick the T&C box and Create Custom Audience Pixel. Take the resulting code and put it into the head of every page of your website. Assuming you have a web developer, give it to them and they can do it much quicker for you.

That is it! Now create an audience to gather people who visit the URL of your Facebook ad. So if your ad is about a product and links off to a page on your site, copy that link into the custom audience setting. Leave it a week or two and you’ll start to see the audience number increase. This list can then be retargeted in the next phase (turn warm into hot) as you already know they are interested in your offering.

Have a play about with it. You can always delete the audiences and start again. The key is to do it in this order…

  1. Write some good content on your website about the service or product you want to sell. Content not an advert.
  2. Create an ad for that content page in Facebook to the demographic your research dictates will be interested.
  3. Launch the advert in Facebook
  4. Set up your Custom Audience to get the PIXEL code.
  5. Install the PIXEL Code
  6. Create an audience to gather visitors to the specific content page you created in step 1.
  7. Watch the aufdience grow.

These are now Warm Leads… far better than likes.

Look out for the follow up posts, all about turning warm into hot.


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