Graphic Design

Our graphic design services are there to visually promote your business. We design the marketing literature that helps you communicate effectively to your clients, suppliers and associates. The first step is to establish your brand. Your brand should represent your company ethos, principles and tone of voice, then this should be applied consistently right across your entire company from the top down.

The design of your logo is generally the first step to implementing your brand. Your logo needs to reflect your brand principles but also needs to communicate clearly what your business does. It is the figurehead of your business, your business stamp. When we design your logo you receive the finished logos as crisp vector files as well as high res jpegs, so your logo will look crisp when used across all media. We also provide your brand colourways and font usage on completion of the logo.

Having gone through the process of designing your logo, you will have everything you need to start consistently applying your brand across your marketing materials through our graphic design services.

Our graphic design services include all marketing materials like brochure design, leaflet and poster design, stationery design and exhibition design. We also design digital marketing materials like website and social media adverts.

Sugarcane are fully accredited specialists in Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition (Paid Traffic),
SEO Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing


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