How to Generate Leads from Warm Traffic

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How to Generate Leads from Warm Traffic

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Warm Traffic is all about acquisition.

The acquisition of interest, the acquisition of a lead, but most importantly paving the way for acquiring a customer. We talked last time about how Cold Traffic is the new blood of any business. We discussed how the end goal of Cold Traffic was to generate interest. To apply a little warmth to the lead so it can be followed up as Warm Traffic.

By this we mean a potential customer that is aware of you, your company and at least interested in certain aspects of your business. The ice has been broken, the lead is now warmed up to your offer.

So how do we take advantage of this warmth?

The effort and hard work that you have put in during the Cold Traffic activity, should mean that you have the foundations in place to take it to the next level. By this we mean segmenting your Cold Traffic list into areas of interest of specific on your database. Your database could be an existing CRM system you are running, or a platform more akin to digital marketing activity. Platforms like Mailchimp as a basic solution or something like Infusionsoft as a more detailed platform.

As well as this segmentation, you should really be pixelling your customer base. As discussed in the Cold Traffic post, pixelling will ensure that you truly are getting the most return for your efforts. The investment you make at this stage with pixelling can increase the results you get further down the marketing funnel.

The Nature of Warm Traffic is to Evaluate

At this stage of the customer relationship, you will be at the in-between stage of your potential customer being familiar with you, but don’t really know you well enough to be a loyal customer at this point. They are essentially evaluating you. So what you do at this stage needs to build trust and convince your Warm Traffic to use your services.

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The Goals of Warm Traffic

There are 2 main goals that you are looking to achieve with your Warm Traffic activity. These are Generating Leads and encouraging a Low Cost Sale. These 2 goals are largely dependent on the nature of your business offer breakdown and what you are selling.

Generating Leads

With lead generation we are looking to take the relationship to the next level by offering something of benefit and value in exchange for an email address. We already know what areas of your business that your Warm Traffic is interested in. So we offer them something of value in their area of interest.

This could be anything from a wide variety of content based activity. Things like, Free Webinars, Product Demo’s, Branding videos, Free e-Book, Free Trial’s, Free plugins, Essential Guides, Whitepapers, Quizzes and Surveys. You will have to consider what the best activity is for your Warm Traffic customer base. You essentially need to be offering something with a high perceived value in return for their email address.

Thinking of it like a relationship, this is the time to show you care and that you can build up trust. It’s time to show that you are serious about developing this relationship.

Offering a Low Cost Sale item

Think about what your business offer is, can it be broken down into smaller parts. If it can, you can offer one of these smaller parts as a low cost sale item. Remember you are not at the stage where you are going for broke, so make sure it is a real low offer item. Generally between £1 and £10 would be a good marker.

If you try to make a big sale at this point the loyalty and future relationship could be jeopardised. The ultimate goal in all this is to have a loyal customer that is buying from you regularly over a long period of time. But, we are not at this stage yet.

In the same way as generating leads the value you can give at this stage could be things like, Paid Webinars, Flash sales (a low cost small part of your business offer or product) and e-Books or Guides.

Remember, it is appropriate and you can ask for money at the Warm Traffic stage, but make sure it’s of low cost and big value. If not, you may not make it to the next stage, which is where the real value to your business is. Hot Leads.

If you are interested in finding out more about Warm Traffic and how it fits into your Customer acquisition funnel just get in touch on 01302 515415


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