How to turn your Warm Traffic into Hot Traffic

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How to turn your Warm Traffic into Hot Traffic

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Hot Traffic – The Exciting Stuff

We have talked over the last 3 weeks about working through the different stages of your marketing funnel. From warming up Cold Traffic, to building trust with Warm Traffic. To eventually acquiring Hot Traffic that will convert to paying customers.

At this stage of the digital marketing journey, you should have built a lot of relationships with your prospective customer base. Some may have already bought something from you, in the shape of a low cost, high value sale. But all of your Warm Traffic will have had multiple communications from you. So they will be well on the way to developing trust and wanting to use your services.

The Goals of Hot Traffic

The main objective that you want from your Hot Traffic is to convert them into a paying customer. Once they buy from you, once they’ve used your service, they are a customer. Once they are a customer they have the potential to open up residual revenue streams for your business. More about that later…

You may already have a number of customers that you have acquired from your Warm Traffic activity. That’s great, they can be introduced to some of your higher end offers and core services. If they have sampled a small part of your core offer, either as a low value sale or high value giveaway, they will be a lot more likely to take your high value core offer.

A secondary objective of Hot Traffic is activation. By this we mean re-activating interest from customers who have bought from you before. Not maximising the potential revenue from your Hot Traffic is the single biggest mistake that companies make. All the hard work you’ve done in acquiring a new customer can be wasted if you don’t constantly run traffic and content to that customer. We’ll discuss this in a little more detail later.

Hot Traffic Tools

The services and products used to convert a sale to your Hot Traffic are things like; High Worth Core Service, Done for you Services, Events and Paid Webinars. This doesn’t seem a lot to go at, but basically the first 2 are your core services presented just a little differently.

An example. If you have given a high value guide on how to SEO your website in the Warm Traffic stage, then you can follow up with a communication like: ‘We’ve taught you how to SEO your website, we know your time is valuable, so do you want us to do it for you’.

If you think about all your core offers that your business has, you can splinter down small valuable chunks of the offer to give out in the Cold and Warm Traffic stage. All with an end goal of making a sale on your core offer.

If you think about it this way, you could do this with all saleable aspects of your business offer, as long as you go through the 3 key stages of Cold Traffic, Warm Traffic and Hot Traffic.

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Keeping them Hot

This part of the relationship is the most important aspect of the entire process. It makes all your hard work worthwhile. It’s the part where you can multiply your revenue for each customer you have. Basically a lot of companies simply aren’t marketing or running traffic to the customers that they have worked so hard to acquire.

If you are constantly sending your existing customer base valuable content. Making them offers, making them aware of your other core offers and adding value, then your revenue from that client will increase greatly. In most businesses, when you analyse where your revenue comes from, the highest percentage is always from repeat work and recommendation from existing customers.

You need to keep feeding that.

How is that done?

It’s time to talk about the machine… well maybe after Christmas it is.

To really maximise your customer base and increase revenue you need a machine. By that we mean a mechanism to automate all your re-targeting and digital marketing campaigns. A machine that’s constantly communicating and responding to your customers actions.

A machine that makes you money.

Well, that will be for next year now.

Hopefully this 3 step series will have given you some food for thought in terms of how to acquire new customers digitally. If you want to find out more just give us a ring on 01302 515415.


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