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Leaflet Design Sheffield – DEM

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Leaflet Design Sheffield

Leaflet Design Sheffield – DEM

Leaflet Design Sheffield. Sugarcane have been working with DEM since 2008, and earlier in the year the company commissioned us to redesign their entire brand. DEM Integrated Systems provide software and hardware solutions primarily for the food industry. With offices in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Sheffield, England, the company has diversified into different sectors, having making their name in the meat industry.

The first task for Sugarcane was to create a new brand for DEM. We started with the logo design. The logo we designed needed to stand the test of time and use typefaces that wouldn’t date easily. We also needed to visually get across the four key services to their business. Software, Hardware, Professional Services and After Sales Service. Using illustrative infographics in bold colours was the solution here.

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Leaflet design Sheffield – Creating consistent marketing literature

Once the logo design was signed off, we then created a brand guidelines document. One of the issues with DEM’s previous marketing materials is that they were quite inconsistent in their creative treatment. Sugarcane wanted to create a consistent design across all DEM’s marketing materials. This was very important as DEM can produce upward of 100 different product leaflets and case studies over the course of a year.

We created a striking design for the product leaflets and case study leaflets. We kept key information in the same place across all designs, so they would become more easily recognisable out in the market place. This would create a stronger brand presence and help with brand awareness.

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Sugarcane are now preparing to start work on DEM’s digital strategy. We will be redesigning and developing the website as well as integrating the SAP 1 Business software into the site. We will also be looking after the ongoing maintenance for the DEM website as well.

As well as website design and website development. Sugarcane can support you with logo design, brochure design, leaflet design and flyer design. Digitally, we can drive sales to your website through content marketing, blog strategy, email marketing and social media marketing.

Call the team at Sugarcane on 01302 515415. Or email letschat@sugarcane.agency to see how our websites can make a difference to your business and online sales.

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