Logo Design – Things to Consider

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Logo Design – Things to Consider

4 things to consider with Logo Design

The team at Sugarcane have over 20 years experience in logo design. We have designed lots of logos over the years for a wide variety of clients large and small and have found through experience, certain guidelines to bear in mind and possibly avoid throughout the creative process.

1. Try not to follow fashionable trends of the time. Style over fashion!

Choosing to design your logo based on current trends is likely to leave your logo looking dated as soon as the trend dies out, not to mention making you look slightly out of touch.

Rather than choose the popular flavour of the month, think about what’s more likely to have longevity for your brand. For example, the current logo of the BBC has been around since 1997, yet still has not become dated. That’s the longevity to aim for with logo design.

2. Make sure your logo is transferable

Keep in mind that your logo will need to be transferable across a range of different mediums. Make sure that the colours, size and overall design will work on printed materials such as signs and T-shirts, as well as across various technology such as websites, apps and mobile sites. Ideally your logo design needs to be reproduced down to 3cm squared as a general rule.

3. Don’t use ready made art!

If you’re thinking about turning to a ready made image to form the backbone of your logo, don’t! The purpose is to create a logo that’s unique to a brand, which you’re unlikely to do if you’re using an image that’s done the rounds. Also, using stock images is more than likely to leave you looking cheap.

4. Don’t over-complicate with too many fonts

A major, and surprisingly common, mistake is using too many fonts and font styles. Along with making the design look overly busy, the use of multiple fonts can also distort your brand identity and make it difficult for the audience to understand the message you’re trying to convey. It can also be a tell tale sign of an inexperienced designer.

Sugarcane will be bearing these basics in mind over the next few weeks as we start new brand and logo work for companies in Sheffield, Doncaster, Manchester and London.

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Supporting our clients with branding their company from concept to completion. Whether it’s naming a new or existing company to implementing the brand through logo design, marketing literature and digital marketing, I always aim to get the right solution for our clients.