Music Website Design Sheffield – Alya Records

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Music Website Design Sheffield – Alya Records

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Music Website Design Sheffield – Alya Records

Music Website Design Sheffield. The music industry has always been a sector in which Sugarcane have had strong working links with. We have worked with a number of music based industries in Sheffield, Doncaster and the wider Yorkshire region. When Alya records came to us with a re-brand, logo design and new website, we already had a working relationship with them. We had previously provided logo design, stationery design and website design for their previous music publishing company.

Firstly, we had to create the brand. This started with the logo design. The team at Alya had been working hard on producing some initial design concepts for the logo. So, with the good work they had done, our job was just to tidy up the designs and create vector versions. This was so the logo would always appear pin sharp in all media. When that was done we made a start on the website.

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Music Website Design Sheffield – Plugging in the e-commerce element

We proposed to Alya Records that we develop the website on WordPress. This was due to the flexibility of the program in terms of it’s usability and plugin options. We then set about designing and developing the website. We had to take into account the fact that the music needed to be downloaded and purchased through all major digital outlets.

The plugin options for the purchasing and downloading of tracks was a real upgrade from their previous website. Both in how it looked and how it functioned.

As well as website design and website development. Sugarcane can support you with logo design, brochure design, leaflet design and flyer design. Digitally, we can drive sales to your website through content marketing, blog strategy, email marketing and social media marketing.

Call the team at Sugarcane on 01302 515415. Or email to see how our websites can make a difference to your business and online sales.


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