Profit Maximiser

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Profit Generator Included

Profit Maximiser Level 4

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Profit Booster Included

Cold Traffic Audience Setup

The adverts are ready to go but who shouuld you target. We handle all that process and hit “send”.

Custom Audience Creation

Ever looked at a product and then an ad for it appears in your social feed the next day. That is done with Custom Audiences, included here.

Warm Lead Retargeting

With the custom audiences in place and cold ads generating interest, we can now re-target the cold lead to get those contact details

Hot Lead

You have the lead, the traffic is now hot. Upsell your products automatically using advanced re-targeting. The sale happens here.

You are in Business… so want to maximise your profits, right?

We can certainly help you with that, but first, you will need the Profit Maximiser.

Are you Maximising your Profits?

Our Profit Maximiser [Level 4] Package is our ultimate digital marketing package. This package is designed to maximise your sales return and profit across all digital channels.

You get all the new business tools that are in the [Level 2] and [Level 3] packages but with Profit Maximiser [Level 4] we introduce some really clever and effective digital marketing techniques like re-targeting pixels and building customer audiences in Facebook. Your customer audience is segmented into areas that they’ve specifically shown an interest in, making the sale a lot more easier.

Profit Maximiser [level 4] really is like having your own in-house digital marketing executive for a fraction of the cost.

So, what’s the deal?

The package has a minimum sign up of 4 months at £395 per month plus VAT, or 1 upfront  payment of £1,422 plus VAT, if you want to make an overall saving. There is an initial deposit payment of £150 + VAT to get the ball rolling. Non payment of monthly fees may result in the campaign being suspended. Additional plugins and core website functions are available on request and can be quoted for on a per job basis.

Our Profit Maximiser [Level 4] Package Includes:

1 Digital Marketing Sales Campaign lasting 4 months.

Each Campaign consists of:

1 Hour Marketing Consultation

We would need to establish what product or service that you are going to sell, then plan the campaign over the next 4 months.

1 Lead Generation Page

A landing page on your website that captures all the client data and allows them to sign up to your offer. Once they are signed up, they then enter the targeted email campaigns. They have now become a potential customer who has expressed an interest in your services or products.

1 Upsell / Thank You Page

As part of the customer sign up process and Upsell/Thank You Page is created. This page completes the sign up process as well as giving an opportunity to upsell any other campaigns or offers that you may be running.

2 Sidebar Adverts

We design and develop 2 sidebar adverts for your website to drive traffic to your lead generation page.

Email Campaign Design

We design a welcome series email campaign for you. This consists of 3 emails to run over 3 weeks that gets sent out as soon as a new subscriber signs up from the lead generation page.

8 Blog Posts

We would design and write 2 blogs per month as part of the campaign to drive traffic to the lead generation page. You’d only need to provide the raw materials with images and basic copy. We’d then construct and write the blogs.

1 Email Engagement Series

This email series is designed to engage your new subscribers, by offering a specific service or product through a series of weekly emails.

Facebook Advertising

We will design and run 3 Facebook adverts to tap into this vast audience and drive them to the lead generation page on your website via a benefit driven blog post. This blog post or pillar posts, as they are known, are value driven pieces of content that really sell the benefits of the product and service that you are selling. We will design and construct this blog post for you.

Re-targeting Pixels

A Pixel is a piece of code that Facebook gives you to be placed on every page of your website. This then enables Facebook to know when someone has visited your website and adds them to a list in your Facebook audiences section. This way you are targeting warm leads not likes.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Through Pixelling, you can create a targeted customer audience in Facebook. You know what they are interested in, so you can target your list with content, services and products that you know they are interested in. You are selling to interested, warm leads, not cold likes.

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