Poor SEO may be causing you to lose out on increased Traffic to your Website

  • Is poor SEO losing you website traffic

Poor SEO may be causing you to lose out on increased Traffic to your Website

Is your house in order when it comes to maximising the SEO potential of your WordPress website? Like a house, if the foundations you have set up are set up wrong, the effectiveness of building on those poor foundations will greatly diminish the results you ultimately get.

In WordPress, there are various stages that need to be considered when maximising your SEO potential. The first stage is getting the foundations right. Then there is the second stage of boosting your SEO through WordPress plugins. Finally when this is done, the third stage of organically boosting your SEO through content marketing.

Perhaps the most important part of this process is getting the foundations right, because, ultimately, the other 2 steps will not be nearly as effective if the foundations aren’t set right.

Things to consider for this first stage would be to check Webmaster tools, check Google index, check your backlinks, check your robots.txt file and check your WordPress settings. These checks basically show you how Google is finding your website and highlight any issues they may find.

These may include too many pages, too few pages, any hacking issues etc, basically the kind of things that Google will shut your website down for.

Once the foundations are set, then the second stage activity would be to boost your SEO capability by using the Yoast WordPress plugin. This gives you a tick list of SEO boosting options, like focus keywords, SEO titles and meta descriptions for each page of your website.

When you have sorted out the first two stages of maximising your SEO, the third stage is an ongoing organic strategy all based around content marketing. The cornerstone of this activity will be your blogging strategy as Google loves fresh relevant well written content.


seo example for Sugarcane

An example above shows in just a week, what results paying attention to maximising your SEO potential can bring. The increase in web traffic can be significant.

All these three activities together will ensure maximum SEO potential, but don’t worry if you need any help or advice in implementing these strategies, as Sugarcane are producing guides full of tips and techniques to help you over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those.


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