Sugarcane’s Nine Dart Challenge

  • Nine Dart Challenge

Sugarcane’s Nine Dart Challenge

We said we’d do it, didn’t we!

In light of getting back to what our brand’s all about, throughout 2017 we are running the Nine Dart Challenge. As well as having the Sugarcane lounge in our offices, we also have a little kick back area. Table tennis, pool and darts are all keenly contested, especially when making the morning brew is the forfeit.

So, we came up with an idea. For every existing or potential customer that comes to see us, we are offering the Nine Dart Challenge. As the name suggests, you get nine darts at the board and whoever registers the highest score in that particular month wins the prize. If you are a regular customer or visitor to the Sugarcane offices though, you only get one go a month. Well, we have to be fair.

The prize

We will give to the winning person/company half a day’s free design time. This time can be put towards any project that we deliver apart from printed, or cost of sale items.

Services like web design and development, logo design, offline marketing materials, content marketing, digital marketing. The half day’s time can be used to contribute or boost any project that we can deliver for you.

If you want to chance your arm and have a design project that you want to discuss, pop in and see us.

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