How to turn Search Marketing into revenue

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How to turn Search Marketing into revenue

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What is Search Marketing and how can it help increase revenue for you business?

Search Marketing is not just SEO.

It’s not just about filling out meta description, meta tags, alt tags and title tags within your Content Management System. Search Marketing is about learning a step by step strategy that makes sure the keywords you choose are totally relevant and being searched for in the first instance. Once this is established, you can then apply this keyword across your CMS, your content marketing activity and your social media activity.

Over the coming weeks and months Sugarcane will take you through the key steps that you need to follow in order to become a Search Marketing master.

We’ll show you the first step, which is how to identify that killer focus keyword that can make all the difference when converting traffic into sales. Have you heard of phrases such as ‘The Fat Head’ (no jokes please) and ‘The Long Tail’ when talking about Search Marketing. Understanding these terms and what they means are very important when choosing a keyword that will convert into revenue.

Without this first step of getting the keyword right, all the other techniques that we will be covering off in the coming weeks and months will not be nearly as effective.

Search Marketing has changed a lot over the past years. Google has effectively changed the game so that there are no loopholes and no dark arts. You will be rewarded for playing the game. So it’s really important that you know how that game is played.

We can show you…

It’s important to note that modern day search is predominantly 3 things.

It is Mobile…

It is Structural…

It is Technical

There are also 3 key players in Search Marketing. These players are looking for different things. It’s really important that you know what these key players are wanting from the search.

The 3 key players are:

The Searcher

The Search Engine or Robot

The Business Owner or Marketeer

So, what is important to The Searcher. Very simply put, the searcher wants relevant results NOW.

The Search engine or Robot as it’s often referred to wants to serve relevant results to the searcher, serve popular results to the searcher and finally it wants to keep searchers on the pages they own. (Google anyone).

The Business owner or Marketeer wants ranking in search engines, traffic, leads and sales.

Search Marketing 1

Once the killer keywords are identified, they can then be applied across all aspects of your marketing mix. Firstly you need to maximise the search marketing potential on your website. Like I said in the first paragraph, this is not just about getting it right with your meta title, descriptions and tags.

There’s the technical aspects to consider, things like…

Webmaster Tools


Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Modifiers

Channel Optimisation

QDF Algorithms

Domain Audits

to name a few…

We will explain fully how these work over time, but by paying attention to the structural and technical aspects of search marketing, you will be well ahead of the game in terms of revenue opportunities.

Anyway, back to that killer keyword

There is a set formula to discovering the keywords that will work for you. We will be looking to reveal this formula in our next Search Marketing article. In the meantime, you can find out more about how to acquire more customers through your website by downloading our 5 step guide.




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