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2 News articles per month, planned and written for you with social engagement and search rankings in mind.

It is vital for your search engine rankings that you update your website at least twice a month. But, in an age where content really is king, it can be hard to find the time to write engaging marketing content for your own website.

That is where Sugarcane can help you. We know exactly how to find the aspects of your business that people will want to hear about. The bonus to this is that through our SEO work on each article we write for you, search engines like Google are going to love you for it too.

Why do I need to post fresh content regularly?

seo benefits

Benefit from
a Boost in Search
Engine Rankings

positioned as expert

Position Yourself
as an Authority in
your Industry

Educate and
Engage with your
Target Audience

Show you are
keeping up with
current trends

But i’ve got nothing to write about have I?

We hear that all the time. It comes as a surprise to many but you have got so much to tell your existing and potential new customers.

A planning session to start the process will always leave you amazed at just how much we can already say that you’ve not thought of.


Tips and


Comment on
Your Industry

New Business

Some of the companies we currently write for…

Click on any of the company logos above to be taken to their news page, where we write and publish articles for them on a fortnightly basis.

What do our clients think of Content Essentials?

“Sugarcane have been writing our sales and news content for a few months and I am delighted with how well it is produced and the effect it is having.”
Dean Ridgill, Montracon
“Sugarcane are a really approachable and creative team. They spend time listening to you and what you want to achieve and then bring great idea’s to the table”
Brian Butcher, Ideal Financial Management

Sounds great. What do I do now?

step 1


Hit the ‘Order Now’ button at the bottom of this page to subscribe to Content Essentials.

step 2

Plan What
We are Going
to be
Writing About

A consultation where we plan the writing schedule. This can be done in person or over the phone.

step 3

Each Article
Approved and
Posted Online

As a subscriber, you get 2 blog posts per month. We write them, you approve them, we put them live.

step 4

New Content
Optimised for Google
and Shared

Each article is launched with search engine optimisation completed and shared over social media.

Now for the really, really good news…

We have spoken above about us helping you to give your customers ‘value’. Well we couldn’t do that if we weren’t offering YOU real ‘value’ too.

Therefore, Everything you have seen above that makes up ‘Content Essentials’ is available in the form of a monthly subscription of £60+VAT per month*

One Off Article

£100One Time Payment
  • Consultation
  • 1 Article
  • SEO and Share
  • Package Works out at £100 per Article
  • £8000monthly
    • Planning Consultation
    • 2 Articles Per Month
    • SEO and Sharing
  • Package Works out at £40 per Article
  • 3 Month Campaign

    £36000One Time Payment
    • Planning Consultation
    • 2 Articles Per Month
    • SEO and Sharing
  • Package Works out at £60 per Article
  • You can also order a 1 off news article or a 3 month campaign of 2 per articles per month but as you can see, the real ‘value’ and SEO benefits come from a minimum term of 12 months.

    *Price offered based on 12 months minimum term. See above for other options


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