[The traffic problem] What clever business owners think about website traffic

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[The traffic problem] What clever business owners think about website traffic

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Is it some big secret that takes years to work out? Nope

Is it a tool for getting cheap traffic to get that edge over competitors? Err nope.

Is it something I can do for my business? In the words of the famous TV pooch… Ohhh Yesss

OK, ever thought to yourself that you have such a great product. You just know that if you can get it out there people will buy it right?

You are probably thinking that everything is set up and the only think stopping you is that you have a website traffic problem. Not enough people are going to your website to see the product.

Sorry to break this to you but website traffic is not a problem.

You see, its not a secret, its just a mindset. Traffic is a commodity, not a problem.

Successful companies think of traffic in the same way as…

  • a haulage company thinks about petrol
  • a clothing manufacturer thinks about cotton
  • my wife thinks about shoes

They all go out and get what they need because it will lead to more customers and ultimately more profit. OK, maybe not the last one and that certainly doesn’t lead to a profit for me but you get the point.

Your traffic “problem” is no different. You need to go and get some, so you can increase your customer base and subsequently your profits.

Think about it… you already have a great product, you just don’t have a great audience. Would you want to spend a year building up that audience, who may not be interested, or would you want an instant audience that you know WILL be interested?

If you want rice, you go to the rice store, you don’t grow it. If you want traffic you go to the traffic store, or more commonly known as Google and Facebook.

OK OK we know. How are you going to get that edge when your competitors could do this too? Won’t it just come down to a bidding war?


The SHORT ANSWER…  You need a Customer Acquisition System (we’ve just got one of these after 10 years of growing our own rice).

The long answer is far too indepth to go into here without rivalling war and peace.

But for those that believe they have a GREAT product, the good news is the long answer is soooo worth it and we can help.

You can develop a system wherein you don’t “pay” for traffic.

Instead, traffic “pays” you.

You can create a repeatable process for generating new leads and customers.

We can’t help you make profit from shoes

But we can help you make profit from website traffic.

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I help clients reach their customers in the best way possible through web design and digital marketing. Through creative targeting and careful strategic planning, the desired result for your business can be achieved.

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