What Everybody should know about Digital Marketing

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What Everybody should know about Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing?

You would think that the answer is in the title, (which it is), but there is so much to consider. Digital Marketing covers off a whole range of activities across the marketing spectrum, so what do you focus on?

Whether it’s Content marketing, Email marketing or Social media marketing, you will need to pick the right mix for your company. Firstly though it’s important to understand that Digital marketing does work.

When something relatively new comes along, social proof is always needed. The statistics over the last few years are extremely positive. Digital marketing is increasing sales and client engagement for all businesses that take the time to make that investment.

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You can see above and below some of the trends that are developing within the use of Digital marketing over the last few years. If you look at the percentage rates in using customer testimonials within your content marketing, surely that is worth embracing.

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Consider using a relevant client testimonial for outbound emails. You can use them in your footers as constant proof of the quality of your service. You can use client testimonials on selective outgoing blogs where appropriate and relevant.

The statistics on using visual tools to portray your marketing message is also very interesting. Did you know that 65% of your audience are visual learners. Infographics and video are extremely effective in the Digital marketing mix when communicating with your audience.

Also, looking at the return from social media activity in 2014, can you really afford to ignore marketing your company through Facebook and Linkedin any more?

Granted, picking your way through the varied and vast world of Digital marketing can seem daunting and a little confusing. The good news is that Sugarcane can help you pick the right strategy for your company.

Coming in the New Year, Sugarcane will be launching the Sugarcane lounge. This will be a members area where training modules will help you learn a lot more about all aspects of Digital marketing. Tutorials will be available for all members in areas such as, Content marketing, Blog writing, Social media marketing, WordPress set up tips, SEO set up tips and much more.

In the meantime if you need any advice or help with selecting the right Digital marketing strategy for you, we’d be very happy to help.


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