Why We Use WordPress to increase Website Sales Revenue

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Why We Use WordPress to increase Website Sales Revenue

Why we use WordPress to increase Website Sales Revenue through our Website

Do you want to increase your website sales revenue through your website?

The platform that you choose to build your website on is key to making this happen.

Sugarcane have now been trading over 11 years. We have seen first hand how marketing trends have changed over the years. One of the major changes that we have noticed over the years is the investment made by our clients in committing to increase their website sales revenue through their website.

Sugarcane started trading from very humble beginnings in the Spring of 2005. Working from a spare bedroom in a Doncaster village, Sugarcane Studio, as it was then known, specialised in logo design and offline marketing materials.

The company quickly grew and moved to a Sheffield base. Over time, web design and development was added to the Sugarcane client offer.

Over the last 5 years or so, we noticed a trend from our client base towards investing more towards increasing their website sales revenue. The awareness had increased with regards to how effective a sales tool their website could be. Research into website usage shows that this trend is well founded.

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With many companies realising the value in investing in their website strategy, Sugarcane responded to the call by acquiring accreditations in digital marketing. This meant we could support our new and existing customers to really get the most out of their website in terms of increased traffic and engagement.

It became apparent as well when we were doing our ‘homework’ that digital marketing and effective website strategy was only as good as the platform your website was built on. We’ve worked on many platforms for our websites over the years, and we have even developed our own CMS system. But, the most effective platform out there to get the most return on your website activity is WordPress.

We design and build all our new website’s now on WordPress, and a lot of our existing customers have now transferred onto the platform. The reasons are many.

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[It’s Easy to Use]

WordPress is very user friendly and easy to use. Adding blogs, new pages, images etc is very intuitive. It really is quite a simple interface to use so time spent on formatting is greatly reduced.

[Search Engines love WordPress]

With the Yoast plugin activated you are guided through the best practice and latest updates when it comes to optimising your website. Google loves it.


Because WordPress is browser based, you can login from anywhere that has internet connection to manage your website

[A built in blog facility]

WordPress initially started out as a blogging platform, so all the functionality is already integrated, set up and ready to go. This makes it far easier to get that all important content out there.

[Customised Design]

You can customise and design every aspect of your WordPress site.


WordPress plugins allow your site to be updated, improved or to add specific functionality without the need for expensive development time. A lot of the plugins are free and not too difficult to set up.


The flexibility of the WordPress platform is perfect for running sales campaigns from your website. There are themes that work hand in glove with systems like Infusionsoft, so you can re-target and automate your campaigns.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of investing in or changing over to a WordPress website, just drop us a line on 01302 515415 or contact us via our website


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