Sugarcane are fully accredited specialists in Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition (Paid Traffic), SEO Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

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Performance Essentials Level 0


Fast and secure hosting with 2gb bandwidth per month and 500 mg disk space.

Domain and Email Set Up

Let us handle all of your important domain settings and email accounts


Keeping your website secure has never been so important. We take care of that.

Website Speed

You only get a few seconds to impress. Let us make sure you take the chance.

Growth Essentials Level 1

1 hour marketing

1hr Marketing Consultation

We give you the tools, but we need to agree on which ones are right for you.

Website Design
& Development

The toolbox itself. We’ll design and build your WordPress based website. Includes Mobile version.

Ongoing Search
Engine Optimisation

Your website has to be visible in search engines from the beginning and throughout.

Monthly Website
Content Additions

Let us handle keeping your content up to date. This is crucial to ranking well.

Whether it is just a single service or product you need to generate leads for, or you have a whole suite of offerings, our lead generation packages are the perfect place to start.

Campaigns are run on a 4 month basis.

profit generator
profit booster
profit maximiser

Profit Generator Level 2

1 Lead
Generation Page

This landing page will offer a lead magnet of real value to capture that all important email address.

1 Upsell
Thank you page

This page completes the sign up process. It is a thank you page as well as upselling your product or service.


Content marketing starts with a blog full of customer value. We will produce and circulate 8 posts per campaign.

Email Campaign

A welcome series email campaign that consists of 3 emails to run over 3 weeks to the new subscriber. All about building trust.

profit generator

Profit Generator Included

Profit Booster Level 3

5 Part Engagement
Email Series

You’ve got the email address, now it is time to upsell the product. This email series will do that.

2 Cold
Traffic Adverts

2 carefully crafted adverts ready to run to potential leads who don’t know you yet.

2 Warm Traffic Adverts

2 adverts to run to warm leads. These are people who have shown an interest in what you have to say already.

2 Hot
Traffic Adverts

2 adverts ready to run to hot leads. These are people who have given you their details and want to be targetted further.

profit generator

Profit Generator Included

Profit Maximiser Level 4

profit booster

Profit Booster Included

Cold Traffic Audience Setup

The adverts are ready to go but who shouuld you target. We handle all that process and hit “send”.

Custom Audience Creation

Ever looked at a product and then an ad for it appears in your social feed the next day. That is done with Custom Audiences, included here.

Warm Lead Retargeting

With the custom audiences in place and cold ads generating interest, we can now re-target the cold lead to get those contact details

Hot Lead

You have the lead, the traffic is now hot. Upsell your products automatically using advanced re-targeting. The sale happens here.

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Sugarcane – Customer Acquisition Specialists

Sugarcane, the Customer Acquisition Specialists Sugarcane gained their Customer Acquisition certification almost a year ago. Following on from our accreditation in Content Marketing, (also gained last year) we are really seeing the fruits of taking