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5 ‘Must Do’ steps to acquiring [and keeping] customers


You are about to learn how important understanding your brand is. What do you stand for? Sugarcane stands for integrity, creativity, hard work and of course… Fun!


“We’re sure you will agree that Paul definitely won there (yes it is Paul writing this). This video was shot on the set of the Yorkshire stage of the Tour de France in 2014, seconds before these guys turned up…”

team belkin sugarcane sofa

Team Belkin prepare for Tour de France by coming to see the Sugarcane Sofa

helicopter sofa


caged steel fighting sofa

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]The Sugarcane sofa has enabled us to take our brand on the road for over a decade and will continue to do so in the most creative ways we can feasibly achieve.

From cage fighting arenas to ice hockey rinks, Blackpool beach to the Angel of the north, the sofa has put in the miles for our brand. How can you do the same?[/text_block]

lets talk about customer acquisition

caged steel fighting sofa

blackpool tower

climbing frame sofa

Montracon have worked with Sugarcane for the past 3 years on our offline and online marketing materials. We have been very pleased with our relationship with Sugarcane. Their work ethics and responsiveness are a big plus and they seem to know exactly what we need from a marketing perspective.”

Dean Ridgill – Marketing Manager, Montracon

Sugarcane Client - Key Fund

Sugarcane Client - Umbrella Company

Your guide will be with you any minute now but in the meantime, a few words from some of our clients that we have helped acquire customers…

Sugarcane Client - DEM

Sugarcane Client - CESY

lets talk about customer acquisition

“Working with Sugarcane has helped us to think about really focusing on our clients needs. We needed to shift from being responsive to becoming more pro-active when dealing with our customers”

Matt Smith, Key Fund

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