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Sugarcane have just recently become certified specialists in Content Marketing. The course is just one part of the Digital Marketing jigsaw that Sugarcane have committed to over the next few months. We are looking at developing a Digital Marketing strategy that not only benefits Sugarcane but can be passed on to our clients as well.

Content Marketing as the name suggests focuses on content. By this we mean learning techniques and tips for writing good content that has been proved to increase engagement, website traffic and customer retention.

Drilling further down into the topic, we learned how beneficial actions such as writing good headlines, focusing on introductions, breaking up text and writing good conclusions really are. Learning the art and science of good headlines is really important in capturing your audience. A headline really is a promise!

Further to this, we looked at the wide range of blog categories and how they can be used to target specific actions and audiences. Ultimate guide posts, How to posts and Inspirational posts can all be used to target a specific customer base.

At Sugarcane, we intend to share a lot more tips and techniques in writing good content when we produce our Content Marketing guides over the coming weeks. Be sure to keep your eyes out for these guides as they are full of good content tips designed to increase engagement, website traffic and customer retention.

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